Coaches and Consultants:

Stand out from the crowd.
Make a great income.
Have more ideal clients.
Get free-time for other passions.

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Hello fellow coaches!

Are you making less than 10-15k per month as a coach? Or, are you just getting started and trying to figure out how to get clients and make money?

My name is Kevin Judge and I've created Lucrative Coaching to help coaches just like you to turn a passion for coaching into a thriving business. My goal is to share practical tools and templates while guiding you towards a great income, many clients, and free-time for your other passions. 


I'm not going to feed you some bull about making a million dollars coaching in the next year! There's plenty of people selling that idea and I think it's dishonest. Realistically, less than 5% of coaches will make a million dollars a year. If you can make 50-60k a year then you're doing good. Bump that above 100k a year and you're doing great! Let's get you to great and beyond!

WHAT I WILL DO is get you well on your way to making enough income so you're proud of your coaching practice and don't have to have a 2nd job or depend on someone else to pay the bills. How does that sound?

The Lucrative Coaching philosophy has 4 steps

Lay a Solid Foundation

Attract Leads

Deliver Value

Secure Clients

When you build on a rock-solid FOUNDATION customized to your business and combine that with the knowledge of how to ATTRACT the right people and DELIVER amazing value you SECURE CLIENTS.
These four essential steps are everything you need to get more clients, more income,
and carve out more free-time in your coaching business.

This business book for coaches shares 10 new marketing realities critical to getting and keeping clients. They are easy to implement and many have no cost! Gone are the days of sleazy sales. It's now about providing value.


A live fast-paced masterclass with Kevin Judge that is jam packed full of useful material, strategies, tips and ideas that you will be able to implement right away. Join us and change the way you think about your coaching business.


The Lucrative Coaching Business Accelerator Program is a 5 week semi-private program designed to get you real results, fast. If you want to turn your passion for coaching into a thriving business, this is the place to start.